Aviation and its future in career

To a lot of unaware people, aviation means planes and pilots. But actually, aviation is a vast field. While flying may remain the primary focus, there are numerous other departments in aviation which work effortlessly to ensure the smooth functioning of the principal activity – flying.

Apart from flying, the other aspects of aviation are:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Test Pilots
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft Interior Technician
  • Avionics Technician
  • Flying Instructors
  • Ground instructors
  • Aviation Psychologists
  • Aviation Doctors
  • Air hostess/ steward….and many more.

If you are considering aviation as a career, well, you’ve taken your first step towards a bright career. And I’m not saying this just because of the glamour associated with the aviation sector; these words are purely factual. Now, what are the facts which brought me to this conclusion? Let’s have a look!

Air travel is becoming cheaper and within reach of the common man. This is something we’ve all experienced. The countries where railways and other forms of public transport were the most preferred modes of transportation are now witnessing a sudden surge in air travel. And it’s nothing but the affordability of air travel that has led to this transformation. In most developing countries, the aviation sector is booming. So hey, you already know you’re stepping into a field with a lot of scope!


The demand from the public has led to airlines doubling their fleet. And the magnitude of this doubling will positively impact all the departments that are inter-related. So has not only the requirement of the number of pilots gone up but also that of all the supporting staff. The current conditions are entirely in favour of the growth and development of the aviation sector, and this ensures that the career prospects are strong too.

Most of all, aviation not only gives you a sense of satisfaction with the job you’re doing but also pays well. After all, risks fetch you returns. All the jobs in this sector are highly paid, and financial stability is the last thing you’ll have to worry about.

The surge in the aviation sector has to be rightly tapped to make the most of the lucrative career opportunity. Consistent efforts and hard work of course, are the two essentials that you need to keep in mind to attain success. If you’re successful in making it into the field of your choice in this sector, mark my words, you will have a bright, stable and adventurous career ahead!

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