Trends In Aviation You Should Know About


The computer and the automotive industries keep evolving constantly as they keep adapting to the trends in the consumers and technology. In the same way, the aviation industry is continuously coming up with new trends that will facilitate moving people from place to the other. Some of the innovation ideas focus on increasing the quality of the aircraft performance while some focus on the comfort of the passengers. This project talks about some recent aviation trends that you should be aware of.

Self-service and robotics

Just like other industries, the airlines have pushed to the usage of customer-facing robotics. In the industry, experts have come up with systems that do require a man to do everything so that they run. They include

  • Self- driving carts for luggage
  • Robotic baggage loading
  • Robots giving directions to passengers
  • There are self-service kiosks which are now common


Biometrics is another innovation that appears to be so helpful. Using biometrics where physical documentation is required helps at eliminating waits when using air travel. The implementation of fingerprints has also been used as a way of promoting security clearance and providing boarding information. This innovation has therefore helped in moving the passengers quickly through the process. Many of the airports in the world have implemented its usage and that includes the usage of facial recognition

In-flight artificial intelligence


Previously, there were issues of where some questions are not answered just because the flight attendant was not available. Sometimes, a service may fail to be delivered just because the airport staff was missing in that particular service. In-flight artificial intelligence has now been implemented in airports to answer questions from customers through various on-demand technologies. For instance, New Zealand developed a digital human named Sophia who gives answers on upcoming flights. Also, through interacting face to face on a screen of a computer, Sophia can answer questions on fight time and flight status.

Personalization and information

The current airlines have started using the social media as a truthful platform understand the needs of the customers and what they are looking for. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of passenger-centric airlines and airports. The airlines are also trying to putt more importance in personalizing the passenger experiences. They have started offering specific and flexible options for various segments of passengers with varied needs.

Changing airline fares

There is a trend in changing fares in the aviation industry. Before booking a ticket today, you should look at the prices since the fares cannot be the same in all economy class. Some of the airlines are have introduced the basic economy fares. Additionally, they have to specify the details of what will be allowed or not allowed.

Less of the airport

Innovative technologies will be soon playing the new and the most important parts in the airports in the coming years. There is the introduction of technologies that will have all the airport experiences outside the airports. This indicates that customers won’t be spending much of their time in the airports. For instance, the automated passenger reservation procedure has helped to shift the passenger’s position, running of the airports and the airport set up. These technological innovations suggest that most of the activities won’t take place in the airports.


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